Sea shells are the most common out of the types of shells. There are about 1,000-7,000 types of shell and 1-5 poisonous shells. However, because shells from the sea (seashells) come from the most unique and colorful texture and shape, more and more collectors from all over the world, collect empty shells and are threatening the species that live in them (lobsters,crabs,mollusks etc). On the picture above, it features the most common shapes of shells:Clams,mussles,snail shells and cone shaped shells. The poisonous shell that is prized by collectors is the Cone shell, <u>a marine snail found on the beaches of easternAfrica and Austrailia.

SPINY COCKLE-A marine bilvalve that is famous for the spikes on it`s shell that it uses for protection. These are common species that are found in many parts of the world. The class of this animal is Bivalvia. These tropical shells are mainly found around the Pacific Ocean.

Spiny cockle

NUT SHELL-A marine bilvalve that is light cinnamon to light red in color. The name of these bivalves are used in jokes because the name 'nut shell'. These shells are also named after their color of walnuts thus, giving them the name.The shell can be found all over the Pacific.